As Seen On TV Richard Simmons Project H.O.P.E. Home Workout System DVD
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90-day at-home weight loss program designed especially for you

Based upon the science of Triple Training, which sequences cardio and toning workouts to maximize weight loss

Triple Training can help you burn up to 3X more fat than traditional cardio alone

9 Workouts on 3 DVDs

Includes Nutrition Guide and Success Guide

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Richard Simmons Project HOPE

Richard Simmons Project HOPE is a 90-day at-home weight loss program designed especially for you. As America's most beloved fitness guru, Richard has been inspiring people for over 38 years to get off the couch and get into shape. Richard Simmons Project HOPE is based upon the science of Triple Training, which sequences cardio and toning workouts to maximize weight loss. Triple Training can help you burn up to 3X more fat than traditional cardio alone. (Actual results may vary). This three month progressive system includes one DVD for each month, featuring three brand new programs on each DVD for a total of nine workouts, created by Richard, for their ability to maximize weight loss, boost calorie burn, tone muscle and help you develop the body you've always wanted — and have FUN while you do it. The Nutrition Guide includes a 90-Day Meal Program calendar, customizable meals and snacks, as well as, delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes. You'll also get Richard's motivational tips and tricks, a substitution list, a maintenance plan, and so much more. The Success Guide provides instructional details about the Richard Simmons Project HOPE system, including how it works, Triple Training, Workout Tips, Richard's special brand of motivation, and so much more. This guide is packed with information and is an essential tool to maximize your results.

Burn 3X More Fat

Richard’s three-month progressive weight-loss system features nine all-new energetic routines set to heart-pumping music designed to burn fat, sculpt muscle, and add fun to your workout. His Triple Training Method blends cardio and toning to help you increase energy and burn up to 3x more fat than with traditional cardio alone. Plus, each DVD comes with a Learn the Moves Guide that breaks down the steps and offers variations for intermediate and advanced levels. Best of all, each workout is 30 minutes or less.

Transform Your Body in 90 days

So come on! Millions of people struggle with their weight every day – now you can finally lose those extra pounds the right way and get the body you deserve. “I know how difficult it is to stick with a program with lots of complex rules and restrictions. I’ve made this program very simple and easy-to-follow and I’ve designed the workouts so everyone can do them. ” - Richard Simmons

Nine Workouts on Three DVDs & More

Enjoy nine Workouts on three DVDs set to get you in motion in no time! Also includes a Nutrition Guide and Success Guide to maximize your results with Richard's nutritional secrets, motivation and support.

Commit, Push, and Burn!

Three DVDs over 90 days allows you to Commit, Push, and Burn! Month 1 (Commit) offers a jump-start to successful weight loss by upping your fitness potential and burning off body fat. Month 2 (Push) keeps the weight loss coming as you tone, sculpt, and reshape your body. Month 3 (Burn) gives you more reps and challenging moves to transform your body and change your life.

Nutrition Guide

Follow Richard's Food Mover Nutrition Guide, which includes a 90-Day Meal Program calendar, customizable meals and snacks, as well as, delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes.

Triple Training Method

Blends cardio and toning workouts to maximize weight loss, increase energy and burn up to 3x more fat than with traditional cardio alone.

Learn The Moves Guide

Each DVD comes with a Learn the Moves Guide that breaks down the steps and offers variations for intermediate and advanced levels.

Featuring Hit Songs!

DVDs feature hit songs such as: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', 'We Got The Beat', 'Need You Now', 'Summer of 69' and much, much more!

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bởi Amazon Customer
I didn't see a detailed review when I ordered about what this exactly is so I came on here now that I have had it a while to share the details. I love Richard Simmons and what he stands for. I have many of his old and several of his newer DVDS. I asked a question on Amazon about Project HOPE before purchasing. I hesitated to order since I had so many of his DVDs, yet I love Richard. I decided to go for it and purchased it from Amazon. Other reviewers are correct, you do not get the electronic food mover. (See what all is included in my review below). No biggie, I had one (the standby old plastic one with windows) from another Amazon purchase (search "Sweatin' for Life" on Amazon) It's just a good tool if you do have it but not imperative. Seeing things visually helps me.Here is what you get from Amazon:THREE DVDS:I feel the main difference between these and his other DVDs (like Sweatin) are the cardio minutes. You get a workout in a shorter time with these (cardio).The first month (COMMIT!):1. The cardio is about 20 min. 2. Toning 1 is with weights for 15 min. 3. A Balance section (challenge) for about 10 min. They have their own warm-up/cool down. I know in some of my old Richard Simmons workouts (like Sweatin to the Oldies, the original) you may have 45-50 min. of cardio. So, there is the main difference I see. Some of his other DVDs do have some toning worked in as well, so it just depends what you want. Personally, I do feel like he uses the arms more effectively in the Project HOPE DVDs. It may not be true, but I felt like to me I had my arms waving or moving in the air the whole time on this and not quite as much on some of his other older ones. Therefore, in Project HOPE, your heart rate is kept up and there are some different moves. He is "no nonsense" and as always encouraging. The music and songs which is a major appeal to me in ones like his Disco Sweat or Sweatin ones is subdued here. Another important note: You hear counting over the music. The music seems quite low to me compared to this others. In fact, I really don't notice the music that much at all. That could be both a pro and a con. If you love him for mainly the 60's or 80's music blasting..... you will be surprised by the music on this one. However if you are a no nonsense kind of person and just want to get in, do your workout and get out, then this is the Richard Simmons did for you. It is modernized. He has a lot of people doing the workout with him. You'll see someone that's your shape type in it because he has lot of people in it with him all having fun and showing lots of energy. The camera seems to focus on a couple of people in month 1 a lot and that is a little annoying, but you see those of all shapes/sizes.Month two (PUSH!):1. The cardio is bumped up to 25 min. 2. Toning is again 15 min and, 3. The challenge section is abs. (classic crunch, the plank and the Superman).Month 3 (BURN!):1. Cardio is about 30 minutes 2. Toning is again 15 and, 3. Challenge is endurance (nine exercises that target your upper body, in between, plus standing core moves to sharpen balance skills and tone your tummy.) This challenge is very well done. In fact, all three months challenges are well done.SUCCESS GUIDE & FOODMOVER NUTRITION GUIDE (with menus)Important note! The FOOD MOVER is NOT included in this set at Amazon. It does come with:1. A Success Guide: This is a 27 page booklet that has the schedule in it. He does not do all three exercise sessions most days so it is important to read this!!!!! So, if you do not read instructions, you are missing the rotation he has in this for you. You exercise 6 days a week with one day off (he uses Sunday, you could modify for you.) For example, on week five on Monday, you do "Cardio 2" (25 min) and Toning 2 (15 min). On Sat., you do Cardio 2 (25 min.) and Challenge abs (10 min.) Another example is in week 11, he does Cardio 3, then Toning 3 two times that day. So, this is the rotation key to making the plan work as intended!2. It also comes with a Food Mover nutrition guide which includes a 90 day menu calendar with menus for meals. So, if you can read the menu and list on what to buy and read when to eat it, you can follow this program if you choose to do the food aspect of the program. It is an EXCELLENT food guide, using "real" foods not hard to find (like chicken, turkey, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.). You won't find any thing that cost a fortune to make like you'd get on some plans. I could easily use my normal grocery budget to purchase these foods in other words. You won't see exotic hard to find items.It says on the back that you get one month free of VIP membership to his site, but I have not tried that yet.This is an excellent FULL program at a great price on Amazon if you want to give it I a try. It's not as flashy as some of his by any means, but he treats the entire body with Project HOPE if you do it as he intended. His older dvds give the exercise portion but Richard puts all aspects in an easy plan here. I'm happy I purchased it.
bởi Amazon Customer
This program is awesome. Others have said they were disappointed that it didn't come with the Food Mover, but if you follow the diet plan outlined In the book, you don't need one. And if you want one, there is a free online one at the Richard Simmons website if you join the clubhouse, which is now free! If you really want the real thing, you can also purchase it there for $10 at his store. The price of the system here on Amazon is cheaper than on the website.The food program I found to be too pricey to follow because you have to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, which are currently out of season where I live. That being said, I tried it for a month and lost nearly 20 pounds, so it does work.... and that was without the video exercises! I am going to try and exercise and eat smaller portions and see if I get good results that way. IF you can afford to eat right, this is a great way to loose weight. The exercise videos in the program are not like the other videos he is famous for.The exercise videos in this program are different from the "Sweatin' to the Oldies" videos of old. These are more instructive and the music is quieter. I also like that he gives instructions for even lower impact if you have to exercise seated which I do. Love that he thought of everyone.All told, this is Richards best program yet! Give it a try... you have nothing to loose but that excess weight!!
bởi Amazon Customer
I put 5 stars for “warmth” because Richard is sooooo encouraging. When he cries, I cry. It’s inevitable. He does cry in some of the videos at the end when he says that you did a great job, etc. I truly believe that this man cares and it’s because he still remembers his own struggle - a struggle he knows never really goes away if you have a history of eating disorders. However, as the title says, there is hope!I read reviews putting this down for not being Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Well, listen honey, it’s NOT! It’s for people who either have given up or are about to. It’s for people like me, who suddenly have foot, knee, and back issues and we need something a bit lighter yet still effective. This fits the bill.I’ve only done one day of it but it was great, in my opinion. Richard IS wayyy subdued compared to what you may be used to seeing and hearing. I personally love his crazy antics but rest assured that his humor is still here, it’s just not as loud. It’s the real Richard, I think - not the court jester he’s tearfully compared himself to. I still felt the same fun as I did doing SttO. Just less flamboyance (even though I live that too). I am impressed by the quality and professionalism put into the production of these videos.The music: I read people claiming that the music is not good or is unrecognizable. Really?? You’ve never heard or don’t find I Can’t Get No Satisfaction or The Summer of ‘69 fun?? I was reliving my whole ‘80s childhood in just the first workout. Any other music I didn’t recognize I still thought was great. It’s definitely more of an ‘80s feel with the music. Absolutely no complaints from me.This is broken up into 3 parts per day, should you choose to do all 3 workouts per day. There’s a relatively short but very effective cardio, a toning session (which actually has some more cardio), and a challenge which in the one I did was a balancing workout using a chair for support. I think all three add up to about 45 minutes total. There are booklets included that explain how to do this as a laid out program and calendars for following Richard’s suggested routines. You can follow these or pick and choose what you like best and create your own routine. I love that. There is also a nutrition plan which looks pretty good. I’m already following my own eating plan but for anyone who seeks help in that area, this is a great tool to have and Richard’s advice is sustainable and has proven effective for hundreds, if not millions of his followers (myself included... I’m from back in the Deal-a-Meal days).Overall, I highly recommend this if you’re looking for something low impact (yet challenging in a good way) and encouraging. Richard is the best motivator and I personally need to hear his loving words (and that I’m amazing) at the end of a workout because it keeps me motivated and inspired to keep going. However, if you’re looking for Sweatin’ to the Oldies “6” just get that out of your head and understand that this is not going to be that at all. It’s a different program with the same Richard we love. Yes, he’s aged. Yes, he’s calmer. Yes, he’s still just as motivating and amazing and wants you to stop making excuses and keep moving no matter how you choose to do that.
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