Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID Protected, Holds 5-12 Cards, Coin Pouch, Flat Note Section, Hidden Pocket)
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2,976,000 đ
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Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 2,277,000 đ ($93.29)
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Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 244,000đ

Leather lining

Bifold closure

Slim profile with a classic aesthetic, this billfold is a great starting point to slimming your pocket

Fits 5-12 cards, coins and flat bills and features RFID protection in the lining

Hidden bill section stores spare cash

Made from environmentally certified leather and backed by a 3 year warranty

Measurements: 3.3 inches x 4.5 inches / 86mm x 117mm

BasaltBlack - RFID (New)Caramel - RFIDCharcoal - RFIDJava - RFIDMarine Blue - RfidNavy - RfidRacing Green - RFIDRed Earth - Rfid
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Product Description

Classic styling with added security

Traditional in appearance, progressive in features. The Hide & Seek is for those who want more out of their wallet, while remaining true to existing aesthetics. Holding all of the money and cards you could need, it helps separate items you use more often from those that are important but needed less. The unique hidden flap means large bills can be concealed from view, while the flat pack storage section helps stack away cards in a secure location.

Product Features

Bellroy Hide & Seek

  1. RFID protection, hidden coin pouch and flat bill section
  2. Protected section for cards & business cards
  3. Premium, environmentally certified leather
  4. 4 quick access card slots
Bellroy Note Sleeve Bellroy Slim Sleeve Bellroy "The Low" Bellroy Hide & Seek
Bellroy Note Sleeve Bellroy Slim Sleeve Bellroy "The Low" Bellroy Hide & Seek
Dimensions 102mm x 90mm 95mm x 80mm 115mm x 77mm 115mm x 85mm
Capacity Holds 4 – 11+ Holds 4 – 12+ Holds 4 – 12 Holds 5 – 12+
Bills Flat Folded Flat Flat
RFID protection
Hidden pocket

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Date First AvailableNovember 15, 2013
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
I bought this wallet on the promise that it would be thinner than my tri-fold which isn't huge but isn't skinny either.After putting my cards into the wallet, it was almost as thick as my tri-fold, and the slot where I kept my drivers license on the left provided little exposure to the license for you to pull it out. I.E. they made it harder for me to pull our my drivers license than a credit card which is crazy IMHO. Also their secret to fitting so many cards into this wallet but still keeping it "thin" is to give you a couple of slots on the right hand side for a few cards, but then you have to cram all the rest in a single pocket on the inside of the wallet behind the drivers license. I had like 4 cards in there which means I would have to pull out all 4 every time to find the 1 I wanted.I also don't think the build quality was all that as it reminded me of what I would find in a department store (if that). Definitely not the build quality I expected given how much I paid for it.Such a major disappointment that I had to return it and revert to my old tri-fold until I can find something more user friendly.
bởi Amazon Customer
First of all, this wallet seems very well-built. It has great features and seems to be made from quality materials. HOWEVER... the description makes some claims that are either fudging the truth or downright untrue.#1, probably the most important one, is the claim of RFID blocking. I use an RFID badge to swipe into my work. I put all of my old wallet belongings, including my RFID badge into this Bellroy wallet and gave it a try. The RFID reader unlocked the door immediately. No delay, no holding the wallet in a weird way or opening it up to get the reader to recognize my badge and unlock the door. Coincidentally, I'm an engineer that works with and designs RF technology, so I know a bit about this. MANY materials can interfere with RF transmissions. They're technically not lying by saying that it's made with a material that interferes with RF. I mean.. your HAND can interfere with RF. They are ABSOLUTELY misleading us to market this as a tool to prevent would-be thieves from using RF technology to swipe info from any cards, etc you may keep in your wallet.#2, not AS big of a deal, is the claim to be an ultra thin and compact wallet. I hate having stuff in my pockets. I've tried multiple types of "minimalist" wallets and even gone to the point that I only have a couple keys on my keychain. I wanted to make the switch from a small-ish Dockers wallet that can be had from any department store for under $30 so I could downsize, upgrade quality, and have a little piece of mind for the extremely unlikely event that someone waves a magic RF reader wand over my bum to steal info from any RFID chips in my wallet. I moved 9 cards (ID, CCs, Insurance, etc) and 4 cash bills over to this Bellroy and it is not any thinner. In fact, it's about the same thickness and has an INCREASED length and width compared to my old JC Penney cheapo wallet.All of this said... this thing DOES feel nice and seems like it will hold up well. Just don't waste your money on the RFID version, and don't expect your wallet thickness to magically halve itself by switching to this one. If you have some comically thick grandpa wallet with every grocery store membership card and receipt from the last decade in it, they won't all fit anyways. If you buy this with the expectation that it'll just be a nice wallet, then go for it, but look for the cheaper one that doesn't have RFID "blocking." I'll be returning this out of principle due to false advertising.
bởi Amazon Customer
This wallet looks and feels really good. The outer leather has a matte-ish feel to it and not too soft. The inside is a bit more polished, could be the color. I don't use much cards, besides from what you see in the pictures, I have my med insurance and AAA membership in the left side hidden pocket and a couple of 10 and 20 dollar bill in the main wallet. Let me be clear, it is a slim wallet on its own, but you cannot obviously expect it to keep its slim profile after you stuff it with cards and notes in it. Many people have complained about it. Lol, that just doesn't make sense to me. The wallet will grow fat as and when you put stuff into it. I like how the slots are evenly distributed on both the sides, this way you can balance and distribute out the bulges due to the plastic cards. After a few weeks though i started noticing the color give off at the edges as you can see in the pictures. Makes me actually doubt the quality of the leather. And I have been very mindful of handling my wallet beyond what is recommended on how it be handled. I am not sure if any one else had this discoloration at the edges? But overall, i would still recommend this wallet. I havent had any problems using it normally, aside from that color wear at the edges.
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