Carhartt Men's Billfold and Passcase Wallets, Durable Bifold Wallets, Available in Leather and Canvas Styles
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Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30 / Thứ 7 8h-12h
1,050,000 đ
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 1,050,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 620,000 đ ($25.40)
Thuế và phí thông quan 186,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.21kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 244,000đ

100% Leather


Leather lining

Hand Wash

Canvas wallet with leather trims featuring contrast stitching and logoing at front

Removable passcase

ID window

Reinforced spine with rivets

BrownCanvas - BlackCanvas - Carhartt BrownDetroit - BlackDetroit - BrownLegacy - BlackLegacy - BrownRough Cut - BlackRough Cut - TanRugged - Brown & BlackTwo-tone BrownWorkwear - Brown
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From the manufacturer

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Date First AvailableDecember 7, 2020
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
I might be jumping the gun here by saying this but this my be the best wallet I have ever own. I say this cause when I would work outside and sweet so much all my previous wallets (they were leather) would get soaked it would just eat away at my debit card magnetic strips and I would have to replace them about every 6 mouths to a year, But with this one I haven't had to replace a single card yet. The wallet itself I very nicely made and seems pretty durable. The only problem I think I may have with it is after going in and out of my pocket so many times may cause the strings around the boarder to tear but only time can tell on that so for now it's the best one I have ever owned.
bởi Amazon Customer
I have had this wallet for five weeks now and have mixed feelings.Packing:It came well packed and in a nice tin which was unexpected and the tin is nice to store things in and of itself. No damage to either in shipping.Specifics:Open the wallet measures 3 1/2" by 8 3/4"Closed it comes to 3 1/2" by 4 1/2" and about 5/8" thick.The can is is stiff and feels sturdy while the leather binding is flexible and secured with stitching and two rivets.Inside there are two sections for bills, 6 slots for cards with a pocket open beneath them from the inside fold, and a double sided flap that could be used driver's license, state ID, FOID, or whatever else.Pros:I love the feel and the look.It isn't too bulky and all the cards are held in securely. I have not had any problem where the contents shift about or fall out.Cons:Honestly it pains me to say it but I just don't think it hold up to the quality of other carhartt product I have and do own.About four weeks in and the stitching around the card slots is coming out just from removing and inserting cards. The pockets have separated 1/4" down the side from where they are sewn to the wallet.The stiff canvas when new is starting to get thin front and back as well.This is all due to my overly active work and leisure life I'm sure but I can't help but be slightly disappointed. I have no doubts this will hold up for another six months but beyond that I am fairly certain I will have to replace it.The wallet I purchased this one to replace was an all leather one that I had for maybe fifteen years and that is what I will go back to. So in short, great wallet? Yes it is, but heavy duty? No, and it doesn't hold up to its brand name.
bởi Amazon Customer
The color and design is spot on. Which is was immediately grabbed my attention. With a name like carhartt I was thinking durable and reliable. However, it is a bit thick. Which could be easily resolved if the pass card flap could be removed. The dimensions that it is does make it a bit bigger than most standard wallets. Lastly the reliability and durability....its single thin stitching and cheap pleather material makes this legendary carhartt name down. If u want a wallet for a few months and don't mind wasting the money go for it. But unfortunately it won't last. I won't buy again unless this product improves greatly with its material. Sorry carhartt :-(
bởi Amazon Customer
Updating my review. I've had the wallet for a couple of months and my cards are sticking through the sides. It's not very durable at all.The side with my ID has held up but the other side is completely separating. I've adjusted my rating down.Wallet is good looking but unfortunately it's not durable.
bởi Amazon Customer
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I thought this carhartt would be a durable wallet just like their coats. However after only 4 months of use it has worn incredibly fast. I work in an office to give context to it's daily use. The fabric stretches and no longer secures my cards. If literally tipped upside down your cards will fall out. This will happen even with 5 cards in a slot, the fabric really does stretch!
bởi Amazon Customer
Nice wallet, love it, always had leather, but i love this one. I heard the stitching will give away over time so the first thing i did was inside and out hit all the stitching with super glue and let it sit overnight. Its been about 4 months now and it still is like brand new, and i work on an oil rig, its in my back pocket all day. Solid purchase and I get complements all the time on it.
bởi Amazon Customer
Sturdy and has many slots for credit cards, more slots that cards for me and likely most folks. Is well made, firm and tough. Has two view windows for those two ID's you end up with, and are easily removed when you are 5 over the speed trap! A bit on the big side, but having replaced a nice slim wallet that ended up on the floor of the local bus, I'm a bit glad to have something that reminds me it is there. Corners are protected, ought to be a long hauler.
bởi Amazon Customer
I'd been jumping around from one cheap "leather" wallet to another so I decided to try out this wallet seeing as my Carharrt pants have lasted so well. After a few months of use, it's still looking brand new. I love the dual slide out pockets as well as the generous card slots and a split bill holder. Would highly recommend this to anyone, just be sure your pockets are wide enough to handle how big this wallet can get when full.
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