Crayola Crayons 24 ct (Pack of 2)
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Made in US

Colors - 24 Assorted

Age Recommendation - ages 4 and up

Compliance standards - AP certified nontoxic

Pre- - 0%

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Date First Available ‏‎ July 28, 2022
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
I come back to Crayola Crayons for my adult crafting, just as I trusted them for my kids craft and drawing activities, and now my grandkids. This latest purchase was for using to help decorate glass ball Christmas decorations and I was very happy with the results. I break the crayons into small pieces and put the pieces inside the glass ball. I then heat the crayon with a hair dryer and this melts the crayon - not the traditional use, I know!The melted colors then swirls inside the glass decoration. I then repeat this with different colors until I get a mixture that I like - and no two baubles are ever the same.Crayola Crayons are perfect for this activity. They melt evenly and smoothly. There are no lumpy particles or foreign pieces in the crayon and the pigments are rich and the colors very vibrant. The balls cool quickly and the crayon inside then hardens evenly and smoothly, leaving a really nice finish that doesn't crack.Thanks to the quality of these crayons, the kids are kept happy coloring, while mom is kept busy with my Christmas decoration making - and I think they turned out really well! I highly recommend Crayola - super selection, great quality, and very versatile!
bởi Amazon Customer
These are so clutch when you have a toddler. I like to have several back-up boxes. They aren't quite sturdy enough for a toddler - my kid has broken pretty much all of them just by pressing too hard while coloring - but should be good for a school-aged child.Coloring and drawing are great for developing creativity and fine motor skills - but most importantly, it's quiet and keeps her busy for at least half an hour.My kid loves having plenty of colors to choose from. This set of 24 has all the basics - the primary and secondary colors with variations on each, plus black, gray, white, brown and tan.They're non-toxic, which is so important, because you know your kid is going to try to eat them at some point.
bởi Amazon Customer
I bought these crayons after being given a coloring book as a gift. What a flood of memories waited for me when the crayons arrived and I opened the box! When I saw the perfect row of pristine colors inside, I was immediately brought back to the hours I spent happily coloring as a child. The classic look of the Crayola box, the smell of the crayons, the feeling of the paper-wrapped colors in my fingers-- it was like I'd stepped into a time machine. I bought two 24-packs with the message “Introducing Bluetiful” on the front, and inside was the new color, Bluetiful. It's a lovely medium shade of blue, similar to new blue jean denim. Many of the old favorites I remembered were there too, including Red Violet, Blue Green and Carnation Pink. If you fondly remember coloring as a child, do yourself a favor and give it another try. You may be surprised by the effects you can achieve blending one color with another, and by varying the pressure of the crayon on the paper. I am very pleased with this purchase, and will buy again!
bởi Amazon Customer
I got exactly what I ordered: - two boxes of 24 new Crayola crayons.  Experience has taught me to stick with Crayola because I know I can count on them for the two things a good crayon does: its color stays vibrant and the color of the crayon is the color it draws so you need not think about it looking different on paper or having to press hard to get a strong shade. A box of 24 is ideal - gives color choices without being overwhelming and doesn’t take up a lot of space in a pencil box. 
bởi Amazon Customer
They are crayons and made by Crayola. They seem to color just as Crayola crayons have for decades. I cannot attest to whether they taste as good as they did when I was a kid. My kids wouldn't let me taste test them. Mmmm...Sky Blue crayon with a bit of Lemon Yellow crayon.
bởi Amazon Customer
I bought these for my nephew. He loved them. Such a great present for creative kids
bởi Amazon Customer
This 24 pack has a nice variety of colors and has more then 1 of similar shades so if 1 blue one breaks there is another shade of blue in the box. I also like that it has different shades of tan, peaches and browns for skin color.
bởi Amazon Customer
Crayola crayons are always great quality. What I liked was that this 2-pack came sealed inside of a durable zip-lock-type bag which keeps them dry and clean. These were purchased as a gift for my niece who will be traveling with her parents and I know she'll love them and her parents will love that they have this extra bag.
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