Dr. Brown's Options+ Sippy Spout Baby Bottles, Flamingo & Bunny, 8 Ounce, 2 Count
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Transitional, soft silicone sippy spout used with bottle that baby is familiar with

Sippy spout fits any Dr. Brown’s Options+ Narrow bottle (vent removed)

Playful prints make sipping fun

Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe and BPA free

8 oz/250 ml, 6m+

BunnyCaterpillarFlamingoFoxLionTurtleFlamingo & BunnyFox & Lion
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Size:2 Count  |  Color:Flamingo & Bunny

Transition from bottle to cup one sip at a time with Dr. Brown's™ Milestones™ Narrow Sippy Bottle. Perfect for introducing baby to a sippy spout, the Sippy Bottle replaces the bottle nipple with a soft silicone spout on the Dr. Brown’s bottle that baby is already familiar with. Plus, the sippy spout fits any Dr. Brown's™ Options+™ Narrow Bottle after the internal vent system is removed. The Milestones Sippy Bottle is the first step when transitioning baby from bottle to cup, taking weaning one sip at a time. Choose from a range of playful prints! All parts are sterilizer and dishwasher safe (top rack). 8 oz/250 ml, 6m+. BPA free.

From the manufacturer

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Item Weight8 ounces
Product Dimensions4.6 x 3 x 9.3 inches
Item model numberSB82012-WEB
Material freeBPA Free
Number of items1
Batteries requiredNo
Shipping Weight8 ounces
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
We were having a hard time getting our 1.5yr old off the bottle he took to bed with him at night. We switched to this top for a few weeks and then to a traditional sippy cup and it was a seamless transition.
bởi Amazon Customer
We love Doctor Browns bottles and pacifiers! So I was excited to find out about the sippy cup spout. My daughter isn’t old enough for a sippy cup yet, but I’m glad to have this on hand for when she’s ready. Also, the bottle it comes with can be used as both the sippy cup and with the original doctor Browns bottle parts/nipples. (Pic attached) And the spout it comes with can be attached to any original doctor Browns bottles! Plus the design is super cute. I’m pleased with this purchase.
bởi Amazon Customer
My son is very likely past the age that he should even be using these, but considering he didn’t want to stop using his bottle for drinking milk, these were a great substitute for having him drink milk out of a different nipple.
bởi Amazon Customer
Our pediatrician wanted us to wean our son off bottles cold turkey at 12 months and it was HARD. He didn't want the straw or 360 cups we had, he wanted his bottle.So I ordered these to try. The first couple of nights he was still mad it wan't his bottle (wide neck Avent Natural) and refused, but after about 30 minutes of being stubborn decided he really did want his nighttime milk so he gave in and tried it.At 13 months, we're still using these and the nuk learner for his 3 milk cups a day. These also don't leak!
bởi Amazon Customer
I got this because my 22mos still need a bottle when he wakes up in the early morning (like 5am...). We have been using Dr. Brown's products and we always love it. I was debating to get the regular size 4 or this sippy spout, and obviously i give it a try. This sippy spout is not too flexi comparing to the regular one. My boy is still adjusting.
bởi Amazon Customer
My 2 1/2 year old was breastfed until 18 months. When I weaned him, we started giving him bottles. He loves milk, and if he could would skip eating altogether and just drink milk all day. We figured it was past time for moving from a bottle nipple to a sippy type cup. He has other sippy cups like the 360 ones and has no problem drinking water etc from them.He will not drink from these however. He will straight up refuse milk and says that the spout hurts his tongue.I think what’s happening is that he is trying to nurse from the spout, since it is soft silicone and that’s the motion he is used to when he drinks from something that looks like a bottle. Obviously the spout is too wide for that and I can see how it would be uncomfortable.So as far as using these as a transition cup, they did not work for us.Also they leak terribly. Make sure you keep the cap on if you are carrying it in your bag!
bởi Amazon Customer
I purchased this with the intent to use it to ween my 15 mo son off bottles. It worked! After three nights using this bottle with that nipple, he gave up the bottle all together. No joke. Haven't looked back since. Doesn't even like sippy cups anymore, either! He will use the 360 cups or a cup with a straw and that is it. I highly recommend this bottle specifically for this purpose, especially if you use the Dr. Brown's bottles.
bởi Amazon Customer
The idea behind this is great and it’s well made. We didn’t have any leaks, but my son hates the top. I think it’s bc he’s so used to the other nipples, but he screams and cries when I give him these. He even notices the top before I hand it to him and he flips out. There’s nothing wrong with the product itself, my son just won’t use it.