Energizer 357 Batteries, 357 Battery, 3 Count
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Energizer 357 by 303 Silver Oxide Button Cell 1.5-Volt Battery

Delivers long-lasting, dependable power to your button-battery-operated devices, like medical devices, calculators, toys, and watches

Holds power for up to 5 years in storage, ensuring you have button batteries ready when you need them

Cell size: 357 by 303; Type: Silver Oxide; Volt: 1.5

Replacement for: S05, 1131SO, D303 by 357, 357, 303, SP357, SP303, V357, V303, GS13, SR44W, 228, GS14, SBA9, SR44SW, and WS14

Responsibly designed: Our zero-mercury silver oxide button batteries power devices with less impact on the environment

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Get the durable, reliable power that keeps going with this Energizer 357/303 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery. It delivers long-lasting power to your button-battery-operated devices, from household electronics like keyless entry systems, to e-books, toys, calculators, and watches, to heart rate and glucose monitors.

From the manufacturer

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Energizer MAX Energizer Ultimate Lithium Energizer Coin Lithium Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
Available Sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V AA, AAA, 9V 2032, 2025, 2016, 2450, 2430, 1632, 1620, 1616, 1220, 1216, 1025 10, 13, 312, 675
Composition: Alkaline Lithium Lithium Zinc Air
Shelf Life: AA, AAA, C, D—up to 10 years; 9V—up to 5 years AA, AAA—up to 20 years; 9V—up to 10 years Up to 8 years Up to 4 years
Made with Recycled Batteries:
Best Uses: Everyday low to mid-drain electronics High-tech and smart devices; suitable for use in extreme temperatures Reliable power for heart-rate monitors, glucose monitors, keyless entry, and more For many types of hearing aid devices including ITC, ITE, BTE, CIC, and Cochlear Implants.

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Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
In July of 2020, I bought this three pack of Energizer button cell batteries. "Energizer 357" was on the package. It says they are 1.55v Silver Oxide Batteries. They replace 303, A76, A613, EPX76, LR1154, LR44, and SR445W/W.My Digital Calipers call for one LR-44 Battery. This battery fit perfectly and it works. I read a lot of reviews about people getting expired batteries. The package I received says these batteries should be used by 03/2025. That is over four years shelf life so that's good enough for me. My first battery that came with the calipers lasts maybe two years? I don't remember exactly. I don't use them daily, heck I don't even use them every month.Secondly, I read a lot of reviews where people used voltmeters or battery testers on their button cells right when they received them; and then said the voltage was lower than advertised. Then I read that other people said there is a special way to measure these batteries. I didn't do any of that crap. I just put it in my calipers and they work. That's what I care about.Now, if this battery fails in just a few months, I will leave a followup review. I feel like they should last a year with the light use I do.
bởi Amazon Customer
These are long life but low current batteries. I was looking for batteries for my 40+ year old HP-11C calculator. There are lots of "compatible" batteries that would fit and work in the 11C, but the sliver oxide 357s can last up to 10 years in this calculator. The record is 20+ years. These may not test well on cheep battery tester. A cheep battery tester may put to high of a load on the battery causing it to test low. When my batteries came in I tested on a ZTS MBT-1 battery tester and all 3 tested at 100%. Another plus is the 3 pack, the calculator uses 3 batteries.
bởi Amazon Customer
Just received my 3 new energizer 357 batteries yesterday. Tested them on my ZRS pulse tester and 2 were only 80% full on opening, 1 was 100% full. This is not satisfactory for new purchase.
bởi Amazon Customer
As the other reviewers have mentioned, be careful who you purchase from. I ordered mine straight from Amazon, while they're *slightly* more expensive, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting fresh batteries rather than old stockpile.Amazon's price is still cheaper than a local retailer and I got a 3 pack as pictured with an expiration date 5 years from the time of purchase.Actual review:These are great, I've been using these in my Mitutoyo digital calipers for about half a year now and they're still going strong. I will update if anything happens.Update:1 and a half year later, and the 1st cell is still in my Mitutoyo calipers.I actually gave a cell to a friend because I was afraid that the battery would go bad before the 1st cell ran out of charge.Update 2:3 years in my calipers and still going strongUpdate 3:4 years and still going, I gave away one of the extras and I don't even remember where the 3rd is
bởi Amazon Customer
I put this little button in my pocket to take it home, where I needed to change the battery in a meat thermometer. A few hours later, while sitting around a table with friends, we heard a loud POP! like a pistol shot, and I felt a sharp pain in my thigh. A puff of smoke came through my Levi's pocket. Everyone at the table heard it and looked around for the source of the noise. I reached in my pocket, and there was my brand new Energizer L44 Silver Oxide battery--in three pieces. No, I don't think I'd buy one of these again.
bởi Amazon Customer
These batteries are old and have lost their charge. I ordered two packs from Amazon and then tested them with a BAT-250 battery tester. All six of the batteries fell into the red (replace) level and by quite a bit. I then went to Lowe's and purchased another pack of the Energizer 357/303 batteries. Again, their charges were in the replace zone of the tester. I think that Energizer has stopped making these, at least in large quantities, and that the batteries you buy in the store were stored a long time.I'm looking for a newer alternative to the 357's for my old calculator. If I find one, I'll revise this review. But, in the meantime, don't waste your money on these batteries.
bởi Amazon Customer
You might wonder what difference of batteries is, because after all, there's a ton of batteries with the same physical shape, but different chemistry.The difference is how they hold voltage/current through their lifetime. These silver oxide (SR44) batteries are designed to hold a constant (and steady) voltage until they cannot, at which point they're "dead". Alkaline LR44 batteries slowly lose voltage and swing high/low until they die. Note that manufacturers will label batteries with all the types to let consumers know they will 'mostly work's with similar different battery designs.I used these batteries for a digital caliper, which had the wrong batteries when I got it. The old alkaline battery worked okay, but in the cold and especially as the batteries died the display would flash and cycle on/off very noticeably (much worse as it became colder) because the battery supplied a voltage, but in big swings. As they faded the gaps were larger and larger. Made the caliper useless b/c the refreshes were so slow you'd move the measurement 3x before you got an update.So if you need specifically SR44 batteries, these are your bet.
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