FORIOUS Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Brushed Nickel, High Arc Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate, Commercial Modern rv Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets, Grifos De Cocina
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Who We Are: We develop kitchen faucet that you can rely on, and we understand that functionality and dependability are achievable without drastically higher prices.

We Care About Your Health: Eco-friendly SUS 304 stainless steel pull out kitchen faucets, complied with lead-free regulation, put your family's health first.

We Care About Your Experience: Adjust water pressure and temperature with the integrated single handle kitchen faucet, with 3 setting modes (STREAM/ SPRAY/ PAUSE). Multi-layer brushed nickel resists fingerprints and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant hose. CEC listed. Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute.

We Feel Your Expectations of Future: High quality ceramic cartridge kitchen tap has passed 500,000 cycle testing to ensure a stable and long-lasting service life, reliability is the biggest significance of kitchen faucet. All accessories with cUPC certificated to protect your health.

be a Family Hero: Pull down hose and water Line hose altogether preinstalled in kitchen faucet to save much time under the sink,no require plumber,finish DIY installation less than 20 minutes. , including deck plate can fit 1 hole and 3 hole kitchen sink.

BlackBlack & BrushedBlack StainlessBlack&GoldBrushed NickelChromeGold
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Our story

How we got our start?
We started our dream by creating home appliances with durable materials that are perfect in any home. After years of success with our initial development, we researched original faucet options and expanded to designing smart faucets.
What makes our product unique?
High quality home appliances should be available to everyone – we want to make it possible to bring your home the most innovative appliances without the added costs of a fancy label. We create home appliances that are hassle-free: easy to install, feature-filled, and future-proof.
Why we love what we do?
We don’t cut corners – we focus on form and function in our research and development to bring you the highest value home appliances. We believe the true significance of technology is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful world

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Item Weight4.69 pounds
Package Dimensions24.4 x 10 x 2.6 inches
Item model numberFF0023C
ColorBrushed Nickel
MaterialStainless Steel
Installation MethodSingle Hole
Flow Rate1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Number Of Holes1
Number of Handles1
Handle MaterialBrass
Plug ProfileDeck Mount
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
Date First AvailableSeptember 20, 2019
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
When I opened the package I was very happy to see the hot and cold water supply lines along with the adapter were factory installed. This made the installation of the faucet very easy and much faster. To also help with installation the hot and cold supply lines are color coded with red (hot) and blue (cold) stripes designating each line. The faucet has some weight to it so it was necessary to place something heavy on the hole cover making it easier to install the rubber and metal washers with the open hole secure nut. With some of the installation pre-done at the factory I was able to remove and install the faucets in approximately 1 hour. After installing the new faucet I tested for leaks by running both the hot and cold water. I was very happy to not find any leaks and at the same time test how the faucet worked. The faucet is well made with all the water lines being non-bursting. Very happy with this purchase.
bởi Amazon Customer
I was a little skeptical at the price and the fact it wasn't a big name brand. I'm always terrified of cheap plumbing related fixtures breaking, because you'll spend thousands to fix damage that an extra $20 or $30 product could have saved. However, this is a great product! My old American Standard brand faucet broke at the threaded neck, from rust. The gasket must have been leaking for some time, and the screws stripped on me too. I ended up having to cut the old water lines and break the rest of the faucet to get it out. That was kind of a nightmare, and was hoping it wasn't foreshadowing what I was about to endure. But it wasn't. Installing this was smooth sailing and easy. My sink has a three hole setup so I used the base plate. I like the base plates foam gasket instead of the thin plastic ones you typically get. While I was screwing things down you can see the foam really seal things up and vanish from sight. I'm sure this won't rust out like my old one. I also really like the finish, it doesn't advertise it is spot resistant but it doesn't really get water spots or fingerprints. Maybe because it's stainless and not nickel? I'm not sure, but that was nice to see and unexpected at this price point.Only concern I have is when I pull down the spout to wash dishes the hole faucet/sink flex a little. This could be due to my sink being a thin stainless as well. I'm not rough on my stuff so I'm not too concerned but it is something I keep in the back of my mind when I'm doing dishes. (Be careful just in case.)I'd recommend this to anyone! Why spend $100...$150...$200 on a faucet at the big box store when you can get this for a fraction of the price??
bởi Amazon Customer
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Leaks both on the handle & hoses where they connect under the counter top. Leaked onto my Hardwood flooring overnight causing MAJOR damages. DO NOT BUY!!
bởi Amazon Customer
I knew nothing about faucets except that I needed to replace my kitchen faucet. So, I bought it early. Then, when it was time to install it, it was missing the nut? The big screwy part that stabilizes the faucet from underneath the sink. So, I went to Home Depot and got a replacement. Then when it was time to connect the 2 parts of hose, the one with the weight on it, the damned thing wouldn't connect properly. It was as if it simply didn't fit. I was NOT doing it myself, I hired a professional to install it for me. It was too late to return the damned thing for a refund. So, I just went to Home Depot and bought a new similar faucet by a completely different maker. THE BOX FROM HOME DEPOT WAS SEALED! The one from Amazon was NOT sealed when it arrived. I couldn't even buy a replacement faucet from Amazon because MAGICALLY now, I can't have that particular faucet shipped to my address... the same address it was previously shipped to 😐. I wish I could return this useless piece of junk and get my money back. But all I can do is leave a crappy review. And I don't normally leave reviews for anything.
bởi Amazon Customer
Bought this to top off some upgrades to a rental.Usually these type of pull down faucets are $100+ from homedepot and Lowes so I was skeptical this would be good quality.I have to say I am very impressed with the quality for the money, the weight is plenty heavey to pull the faucet back in. The two modes work fantastic but the pause button does have some kick to it that I can hear backing pressure into the pipes but it's not enough that I am actually concerned about it.The metal construction is very impressive at this price point and no components feel fragile.Installation is easy, only challenging part is the screws that attach the seal underneath the sink. If you have a powered screwdriver or lightweight drill then this is not much of an issue.Overall this is something I will definitely look to buy again for my other rentals assuming this one stands the test of time!Edit:Bought a second one for the other unit, installation was super easy and took about 30mins with a power drill to tighten the mounting screws under the sink.
bởi Amazon Customer
After reading all the reviews, I decided we would try this faucet. For the $$$ it seemed worth the chance. Wow! We are so pleased with this faucet. Still can’t believe the quality for the price. I would recommend this faucet to anyone looking to upgrade whether on a budget or not. Great value, great look. Great function.
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