Glad Round Disposable Paper Plates 10 in, Blue Flower|Soak Proof, Cut Proof, Microwave Safe Heavy Duty Paper Plates 10
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SAME RELIABLE QUALITY, NEW LOOK — These plates are currently transitioning to an updated design. Some customers may receive our current print, but we know they’ll both make you Glad

MICROWAVEABLE AND CUT RESISTANT — These disposable plates are microwave safe and cut resistant. Glad round plates can be used for your appetizer or main course

SOAK PROOF — Glad blue and white paper plates are coated with our exclusive soak proof coating to keep even the messiest foods from penetrating the surface

SUPER DURABLE — These round paper plates are durable and convenient. Say goodbye to washing dishes when you use these disposable decorative paper plates

PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND EVERYDAY — Convenient paper plates will enhance your dinner party, summer picnic, or any meal time!

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From the manufacturer

Glad, Disposable, Paper, Plates, Bowls, Durable, Gladware, Straws, Party
Glad, Plates, Paper, Bowls, Dinner, Lunch, Snack, Bowls

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Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
All my boyfriend eats are steaks. Steaks in the morning, steaks in the evening, steaks at supper time. I am sick of doing dishes so I decided to purchased these paper plates since they are Advertised as “leak proof and cut proof” I had to give them a try! Well here you have it folks! They are leak proof and cut proof! I can’t believe it! So happy with this purchase! No more dishes and no more doubling or tripling up on lousy paper plates!
bởi Amazon Customer
Just used these plates, everyone at the table loved the floral design. These plates are well made: strong, durable, and better than other plates that I've used. Very happy with my purchase, we use them for everyday and for special occasions.
bởi Amazon Customer
This is a great option if you need quality plates for dinner, they easily hold a complete meal [ mashed potatosteak, sauce, + veggies }.wish they came in more prints but quality wise these are so much better than all the pretty party plate options out there, well worth the price.I now always stock the 10 inch plate in both the round and square option
bởi Amazon Customer
Great alternative to washing dishes more while working from home more in the year 2020. However, each plate is a little thin so we have to double up a lot with these plates. So, we purchase two packs at a time and the product lasts 3 - 4 weeks even with double plate technique.
bởi Amazon Customer
I am partially handicapped. Continually doing dishes is simply too challenging for me, and I live alone. As much as I know it is an environmentalist's nightmare, I rely on disposable paper products. This is the only paper plate I will buy.
bởi Amazon Customer
I always use paper plates. I am single and live by myself. Paper plates are the way to go. They are stacked in the cabinet next to the China given to me by my grandparents! :)These have a high side great for keeping sauces on your plate and other non-ruly food. Plus they are larger than the other ones I normally have purchased, which is a great experience when eating.I definitely recommend these.
bởi Amazon Customer
I love Glad garbage bags, so when I saw Glad started making paper plates I HAD to make the purchase. Definitely not a letdown. They have pretty designs which makes them nice for any occasion. Plates are nice and strong and can withstand anything. Good for all uses. I just wish they were available at my local Walmart.
bởi Amazon Customer
Bought these plates for the first time to be used for Easter 2022. Well my daughter dropped Grandkids off once again 🤣 at my house for the weekend before holiday.i didn't feel like doing dishes so I broke out these plates for a test drive!! Yup they held up and I even had kids use them for for 2 meals..same plates.yup I love them.only wish they made bigger Worth the Money.Hot or cold food, they do the Job 👍
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