Lutron 3-Button with Raise/Lower Pico Remote for Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch, PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R, White
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Pico 3-button remote control features on and off buttons, a programmable "favorite" button, as well as raise/lower

Controls Caseta Wireless dimmer and plug-in lamp dimmer

Adjust lights from anywhere in the room

Uses Clear Connect RF Technology; Lutron's highly reliable RF technology that ensures seamless communication between your Caseta Wireless products

Remote has 10-year battery life (CR2032 battery included)

Includes (1) Pico Remote; coordinating accessories sold separately

BlackIvoryLight AlmondWhite
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The Pico remote control is a convenient way to control Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmers. With the Pico you can turn lights on, off, raise or lower them from anywhere in the room. Use the "favorite" button to save your favorite light level. You can use the Pico as a handheld remote, mount it on a wall, or mount it on a tabletop pedestal. You can also use the Pico remote control to turn on the lights from the safety of your car as you arrive home. Works as a switch where you need one most, and mounts to most surfaces without cutting holes or running wire.

From the manufacturer

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bởi Amazon Customer
I am using this in conjunction with a Lutron Caseta wall dimmer switch and a Wink hub. The downside to these products is that they have a proprietary wireless system (not Z-wave or Zigbee). That though is also an advantage because they will work with or without a home automation system in operation (or after you sell and take your home automation hub with you). It you do use this with a Wink though, pair the Pico remote through Wink, not using the directions provided by Lutron.You can use this remote anywhere on a wall or just loose, or in a box where a 3 or 4 way slave switch used to reside (or actually even where the 3 or 4 way switch resided). They sell a separate piece of plastic for mounting in a box, which really should be included in the package for the remote. If you do install it in a box, dealing with the existing wiring is pretty simple--you just connect all the wires together with a large wire nut (except any common wire (unlikely) or a ground). I would suggest though taking a picture of the existing switch wiring, and tag the wires as necessary so that you can easily reverse the process if you remove the Lutron switch.As to the remote, it is actually a bit nicer than the wireless switch I paired it with because the middle button can be set to turn on to a remembered brightness level, where the on button remains full bright. Other than that, this product works as well as any wired slave switch--assuming distance is not too great.As to distance, for use with a Wink system it would be distance to the Wink hub. For use without a hub it would be distance to the wired switch. I did not test out distance, but I have not had any issues with them being on a different floor than my hub, but they are virtually right below the hub, so the distance is not great.Anyway, I generally do not like proprietary systems, but here it actually does provide some benefit.
bởi Amazon Customer
This device will control one or more Lutron Caseta switches. In the picture above, the first three switches starting at the left are various forms of luton switches The item on the right is one of these remotes. It is used to provide a third control point for the Living room light without having to add more wiring. I have another unit mounted in my hallway. When I am walking toward my bedroom and notice the yard lights are still on, I can press the button and all six yard lights turn off. The price is cheap for the added convenience of controls where you need then when compared with the $250 electricians want for adding a regular switch.
bởi Amazon Customer
The Pico remote has a good amount of travel in the button press, so you feel when the button is pressed. Yes, the Pico doesn't have the same "click" as a paddle switch, but it is definitely what I'd describe as tactile. You know that you've pressed it.The response time on the Pico is much quicker. I noticed that the Pico remotes have two different drivers you can choose from in Hubitat: Lutron Fast Pico or Lutron Pico. The latter gives you all 10 button pushes (the normal 5 and then 5 more with each button having a held state). But because the remote has to wait to see if you held the button or not it's a bit slower to respond. This is where the "fast" driver comes into play. It only has the 5 button presses available so it reacts instantly. I've stuck with the "fast" driver for now.The Pico has really strong magnets and a flat backside so it sits super flush and perfectly with my Mitzvah light cover. I didn't even need to super glue the magnets for the Remote to stay firmly on the Mitzvah. I used double sided tape as well just in case, but I don't think it's actually necessary.The Pico remotes are great and I'm glad I made the investment to get the $150 SmartBridge Pro because we can get the Lutron Caseta dimmers at our next house! 😀 Definitely recommend to anyone that wants a fast, mountable, and tactile solution.
bởi Amazon Customer
I have over half my house set up with wireless (hard wired) transmitter switches, and mounted these picos for all the other switches. Have a 3 back pedestal on my kitchen island and Alexa with voice controls. couldn't be happier. been using these for years and years. haven't had any battery issues or otherwise. Great product, and a reputable industry leading company. **Disclosure, these are JUST the remotes, so you still have to have Lutron compatible devices for these to "control". (Ie; wired Maestro wireless wall switch, wired PowPak, lutron outlet connector. AND if you want the Alexa voice control, you will need to get the Lutron Caseta wireless hub that ties in with your home wifi)
bởi Amazon Customer
I used this and regular Lutron switches to replace a few three-way switches. Really easy. With the remote, just need to pair it with the switch and works like a charm. No wiring for this. If you wire the actual switch, understand what wires go where. I accidentally labeled them wrong and got some wires crossed at first but nothing broke. Just switched them around and it was perfect.
bởi Amazon Customer
I bought a caseta along with this pico control because I had a light switch that wasn't easily accessible. Given the layout if the room, our couch blocks access to the switch. I installed the caseta where the existing switch was, and I mounted this pico switch on the other side of the room, so it would function like a three way switch. It works perfectly. Now, we can turn on the lights from a more easily accessible part of the room. Better yet, I purchased the mount to put it alongside existing switches, and it looks like it's always been there.
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