Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers, 5 Count
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Universal design makes Safety 1st Knob Covers easy to install on most stoves

Hinged lid for convenient and simple parental access to stove knobs

Helps keep children away from stove and tinted coloring blends in with home décor

Easy, no-drill installation

Stove knob covers are built with heat-resistant plastic

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bởi Amazon Customer
I like these a lot! My son has grabed the knobs and turned just the gas on without igniteing it so that gas was leaking out in our house, which is really dangerous. The knob covers make the kitchen a lot safer for him.To instal you have to remove the knob on the stove which took me a little bit to figure out because the are stuck on fairly tight and i didn't want to break my stove. I ended up you tubeing it. But it worked in the end. I included a picture to help others see how they are instaled
bởi Amazon Customer
Frantically bought these after I woke up on a fluke at about midnight one night to walk out of my room and discover the whole downstairs smelled pretty badly of gas.I didn't think my two year old could turn the difficult-to-turn knobs on our stove, so I didn't stress about it. OOPS! But holy smokes that was scary. Another hour or two and it would have reached the door-less upstairs where our kids were sleeping. *SHUDDER*Apparently, he managed to turn a knob juuuuuuust enough to turn the gas on but not turn on the flame. And he had to have done it right before bedtime too, because we were completely unaware.These awesome covers enter the scene, and now the only time he fiddles with the knobs is to have fun spinning these harmlessly around in place. One time his older sister took a gander at them, but instead of being able to open them, she popped it right off...Which took the whole knob with it. In other words, she/he couldn't turn on the stove without the knob. So yeah. They work!PSWHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DESIGNS A STOVE WITH THE KNOBS ON THE FRONT WHERE ANY LITTLE PERSON COULD EASILY REACH?!?!?!?
bởi Amazon Customer
The media could not be loaded.  We got a brand new LG and a toddler, by the pictures on the reviews we thought that it's a match made in heaven, however when you push the cover you can still realease gas and turn the gas on - I'll upload a video
bởi Amazon Customer
Got these for our stove for the safety factor. They were easy to apply, but due to the excessively large opening on the rear they hang down too low and interfere with the oven door opening and closing. If the opening on the rear were slightly larger than the stem of the knob on the stove they would work fine. Not seeing any others online with smaller rear openings, I was able to rectify the issue by applying several pieces of 3M double-sided foam tape to the rear of the covers (see photo). I then centered each cover around the knob stem and stuck each to the stove, then reinstalled the knobs. The covers are now secure and no longer interfere with the oven door. See the second photo showing the before (left knob) and after (right knob).
bởi Amazon Customer
I used these in an apartment that I was temporarily renting. I was not used to a gas stove or burner knobs that were in the front of the stove. So I would constantly lean on them and accidently turning on the gas, just the gas and not the flame. I came home one night after dinner out to find my apt smelling really badly of gas. So I opened all the windows and deck door to alleviate the gas smell went in search of these knob covers.I felt safer knowing that I would not accidentally hit the knob and turn on the gas again.I also had my two dogs in the apartment when the gas was leaking - so it could have killed them as well or it could have happened while I was asleep. WHEW
bởi Amazon Customer
Six cats and a gas stove don't mix. After a few incidents of my clumsy ninjas not-so-gracefully jumping up on the stove and turning the gas on, I knew I had to do something about it.Half an hour before these were delivered, one of my furry assassins turned the gas on yet again. Needless to say, I eagerly ripped open the packaging the moment these arrived. They were so easy to install and I would have been done in minutes had I not decided to clean the stove while the knobs were off. While my husband wasn't thrilled about having to put child-proof covers on the knobs of our stove when we don't even have kids, I think they look really nice. The tinted black goes well with our black stove and doesn't even stand out. As a bonus, our house hasn't exploded and we're not dead.While one of the cats did manage to step on the cover just right and pop it open, I'm happy to say that she didn't turn the stove on. I've watched them jump up and the cover just spins as it should and we've been incident free since these were installed. For the time being, I can sleep better at night knowing that we've successfully thwarted our cats' attempts to kill us. I couldn't be happier!
bởi Amazon Customer
We love this product in my household. We have young children and a Toddler. Everyday we would say, No-no, Stop, Or Move away from the stove and get out the kitchen. These words work fine when we are watching. Every now and then I would fine the knobs slightly turned on. So We purchased these and the knob turning incidents went to zero. The are very easy to put on. You have to clock a latch to open them. Then you push the top back in after using that stove eye knob. The covers allow the stove knobs to work while cooking. If a toddler touches the knob. They just swim around the knob and do not turn on the burner. Great deterrent and age appropriate. Not hard to open for those with arthritis.
bởi Amazon Customer
These are great quality latches and I'm sure they work well, but they don't fit our stove. We have an electric Samsung range and because the knobs are built into the round casings (instead of just being stuck onto the front panel) these covers do not fit. See photo for reference of the casings I am talking about.
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